Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cardinal wildfowers for Ruby Tuesday

Some might be surprised that I call this beautiful Cardinal flower a wildflower. Yes, it is a wildlower that grows wild along the rocky ledges along our local riverbank. I had forgotten about looking for it this until one day last week while walking along a trail near the river I spied the beautiful red of its blossoms.

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And from a previous post on august 17, 2010:Cardinal Flower for Ruby Tuesday

I remembered this morning that a friend had told me two weeks ago that Cardinal flowers were in bloom growing wild along the rock ledges along the shore of our river. I hurried down there this morning taking my cane with me. The rocks were a bit damp, mossy and slippery in places. I managed to get s few pictures of this vibrant red wildflower. Isn't it beautiful!?


Mary said...

They sure add a nice dash of color to an otherwise green scene. Must be very lovely along the riverband.

lina@women's perspectives said...

Very bright color :)

Emma Springfield said...

They are well named. They are the brilliant red of a cardinal.

Annie said...

The name certainly seems to fit the majesty of this otherwise small flower. I liked the ripples I spotted on the water as well. Lots of movement.