Sunday, February 19, 2012

A colony of gulls

Or they could be referred to a a 'screech' of gulls. I enjoy 'collective nouns'. they have such apt defining in their descriptive naming.

swirling, whirling gulls,

colonizing the parking lot,
a COLONY of gulls.
While wasting time in the city today waiting for the opening time of a drugstore. I had asked my husband to find me a flock of pigeons. I wanted something to take pictures of. Instead he found me this large COLONY OF GULLS!
We think most of the gulls were greater black-backed gulls, but in downloading and editing the pictures I noticed a couple or so gulls mixed in with the group which had gray wings.
Perhaps there were some Herring Gulls mixed in with the group as well?


Bill S. said...

Looks like when you asked your husband to do something, it gets done. Great pictures. We do not have the black backed gulls here.

Mary said...

Your husband did a great job! I like large groups of birds no matter what they are! Always exciting to see them swoop and turn together. Word verification is requiring 2 very hard to read words, so after this comment, I will stop trying. Have you ever considered not using it? Do you get a lot of spam? I don't get any.

Kathiesbirds said...

Wow! Would you look at all those wings!