Monday, February 27, 2012

A Waxing Crescent Moon

I am constantly searching the sky every evening to find the moon. I haven't seen it recently since the last quarter of the old full moon. but then, surprisingly early last evening around seven p.m. my husband spied it from our pantry window, in the western portion of the sky. I more often find it in the eastern sky in the evenings and often my first early morning glimpse will be from my pantry window in the west. huh? this waxing crescent moon seems to have really rearranged my expectations. but research this morning has lead me to searching the to find the moon in the eastern sky just after the sunrise. I haven't found it yet in the eastern sky this morning but apparently that is where to look to get a glimpse of it. I'll keep on looking. My independent moon studies project is getting interesting! the present moon is waxing, getting fuller as it heads towards its ultimate fullness of a full moon on March 8th., which I eagerly look forward to.

have a great day everyone and remember just after sunset tonight look in the western sky. Happy moon watching everyone!


Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

I love to check out the moon and watch is go through the sky. We get it later after it is risen above the mountains!

Mary said...

a very nice moon shot! I like watching the moon but forget to take photos.