Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two for thursday challenge

"Never ignore the commonplace!" that lesson was reinforced to me today. This morning while having the theme of 'two' on my mind for this week's Thursday challenge theme, I saw only Blue Jays outside my window. I thought "why not?" as I raised my camera. and look what I caught!!! Wow! One Blue Jay feeding another!! You can see the bird seed in the beak of the Jay on the right while it was attempting to place the seed in the beak of the other, on the left. Blue Jays, You are so beautiful today! I am so happy that I took your picture. a mating ritual?? Yes, I think probably so. I have read in my research that the male of a bird species will bring food to the female, thus proving to her that he is capable of proving food to her and their future nestlings.

and on the same day I had taken a picture of snowbirds ( Snow buntings)on overhead wires; Two of them! actually I had cropped the snow bunting photo above to have a picture of just two of the, but it worked out nicely.

Two of anything, is this week's photographic theme for Thursday's Challenge. To view more photos posted on this theme, or to join in on the fun yourself, just 'click' on the highlighted name.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I have watched a lot of bird behaviour,but have never seen this in BLue Jays. Wow,that's such a special capture.

Margaret Manring said...

These photographs take my breath away. It's incredible what you capture, an with such expertise. Little feathered,flying miracles.

I've never seen jays do this. They are always on the way to marauding. Did I tell you we saw one snag and eat a junco this winter?

I hope you make a calendar, Friend Ann, or better, a coffee table publication. I would start every morning with it to get the adrenalin going.

Marja said...


Suzy said...

Beautiful pictures. Nice ones for the theme.