Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Common Merganser for Outdoor Wednesday

I have circled it in red to make it clearer for you  to see. We have a lot of these fishing ducks in our river, due to the many Gaspereau found here as they gather in this area in readiness to travel upstream to their spawning grounds.  Others gather here to fish for these Gaspereau: Ospreys, Gulls and fishing ducks and people too. these fish are so plentiful that sometimes they can be picked up in your hands but you have to be careful of their sharp backs when you do so!

Outdoor Wednesday is a delightful meme that invites you to share the outdoors with others. The theme encompasses the outdoors, a topic within the theme of your choosing. to learn more of this meme or to share your view of the outdoors please click on the 'outdoor Wednesday' logo on the right of this page. Happy Wednesday outoor gathering to all

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