Friday, May 11, 2012

The Return of a Nesting Robin to the Garden Shop.

Last May , 2011,when we visited Sobey's Garden shop at Oromocto we had seen a robin's nest that had been built there and one beautiful robin's egg had been laid in it.  I wrote a post about it at the time which you may read by clicking here: The egg never hatched and after a while the nest had been abandoned  last spring/summer

Today we went to Sobey's Garden Center in Oromocto  to buy some pansies for our garden, and as soon as we arrived we saw this sign

posted there by the staff.   Ah ha!  Its seems that last year's events have been repeated.  Last week, a Robin built a nest there among the shelving and flower pots at the garden shop, and had laid three eggs there. In the photo above I have circled the location of the nest with the three eggs in it. Apparently the Robin had only spent a short amount of time egg sitting there one day after the first egg had been laid.  As had happened last year it seems seems unlikely that the eggs will have much chance of hatching. After some time last year the egg that had been laid remained in the abandoned nest, unhatched.
                                                                 I will follow up on these three  eggs
  this spring at the garden shop and see how this story develops. The eggs are so beautiful, don't you think!? I wonder, could it be the same Robin that had attempted to nest there last spring?


Annie said...

I am sooooo keeping my fingers crossed that this year's nest has a happier ending.

Helen said...

The nest and eggs are beautiful. More than likely people coming by scares the mom away.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

They say that birds will return to their previous nesting sites, so it may very well be--fingers crossed that the Robins become parents this year! Their eggs are so perfect aren't they?