Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Found some deer!

 A drive out and about the countryside yesterday afternoon had its rewards.  I had been hoping to find some deer as I hadn't seen many on my drives this winter.  Yesterday afternoon I saw four!  Oh Happy Day!. From a distance I spied one on the side of the road, then another, a third and Then , oh boy! , A fourth! I wanted to hurry in my approach so I could get a picture of them, before they ran off but reasoning set in as I slowed my approach, and I knew that if I sped up quickly with my car they would be gone, so I approached slowly.

As I got closer one deer leapt from the roadside into the woodsy area alongside it.  Actually that was good.  Deer must learn to scurry away quickly when in the way of approaching vehicles. It just makes good safety sense on their part.

My next exciting sighting  was a beautifully rounded shaped Ruffed Grouse.  It was perched on a snowbank along the side of the road.  As I drove by it didn't register what I was seeing, as I passed  by.  then I recalled a beautiful rounded, puffed up breast, probably because of the freezing temperature.  I was near the end of the road I was on so I hurried ahead to turn and drove back the spot where I thought the Grouse had been... no luck!  Where is it? On my third drive by of the location I saw a grouse walking deeper into the roadside brush.  Darn, I had missed getting a great picture, I shall have to be more alert in my roadside scanning for winter creatures.  As I was mentally chastising myself, I saw movement again, Another Ruffed Grouse along the roadside!  I had missed the second one also.  I guess it was too cold for thinking clearly. No pictures taken , but I shall return again today with a more determined and alert purpose.  Also maybe I can find the deer again.  I hope so.  I love taking pictures of deer.  Now I have a definite purpose to my day.  But it is so cold out!  The temperature is reading _23 degrees C, and that is COLD!

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Pearl Maple said...

Love watching nature at play. Makes sense for them to learn quickly about road safety, keeps us all out of danger and free to enjoy each other's company.