Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Winter Geraniums for Ruby Tuesday 2

                               Every winter I bring the geraniums that have been in my summer garden inside.  I usually have great success with them and enjoy their vibrant blooms during the inter months.  However this winter, up until now, We did not have much luck with one plant.  It remained bushy ( see above) and leafy and I  had despaired that it would ever bloom, however this past week my husband  has found some promising buds on the plant.  Probably by next Tuesday I shall have pictures to post of this plant in full bloom.
   I am hopeful that these buds will open soon.

                                                  I have had success with a couple of geranium plants this winter  already and enjoy the booms of this red and pink blossom daily ( shown above and below.)
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Jackie/Jake said...

I've tried this usually with no success. Hope to see more blooms next week.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh, how awesome that you still have geranium even on Winter!

Catching up with Ruby Tuesday.

zafar said...
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