Monday, January 07, 2013

Sunlight Design on Windows for Mellow Yellow Monday

    While sitting at my computer this morning I was at a loss as to what to post for today.  I had no photos that highlighted yellow.  then I looked up,out the window, and I saw beautiful spots of reflected sunlight on my neighbour's window.  I think there was a hidden message as the circular design the light made seemed to resemble the recycle logo.  Yes, I think that's it.  On this cold , freezing winter's morning, with a temperature of -15 degrees C,  there is a sign remninding us of the need to recycle to help aid the environment and to conserve the earth and its energy.  Heads up everyone.  Its important!

    Got pictures with yellow that you would like to share? Why not post them on Mellow Yellow Monday, a delightful meme that focuses on the colour yellow?Just clink here: to access this meme

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