Sunday, November 17, 2013

Getting the Day Started With Cardinals

I have realized over the past couple of mornings that the best way to see Cardinals in Bird Alley is to be at the window before seven.  This morning my first Cardinal sighting was when I saw the male peeking out from behind of the blue house bird feeder shortly

before 7 a.m. just as the morning light  was hastening away the darkness of the night.  Later I saw the female rushing to the pump feeder and as I waited, the handsome male showed up too. What a lovely way to get the day of watching my feeders  started.  Also my usual viewing of a White-breasted Nuthatch occurred as well as a multitude of Chickadees.  And of course Blue Jays and that is all I have  seen so far today.

And, yes , I made a new Bird Alley sign yesterday and my faithful companion, David put it up for me.  Thank you David and also thanks for cleaning
up the paint when I knocked the pint of paint over onto the floor and the rug . Hmmm... time for a new supply of blackoiled sunflower seeds to be put into the feeders, which is often a guarentee of increased activity in Bird Alley.  The temperature is foprecast for a +12 degrees C this afternoon and a+16 for tomorrow afternoon.  Oh Happy November days!

Today was the best day at the feeders than has been for a long time!  10 different species visiting!!!
I have already mentioned four species, here are the names of the remaining 6 visiting species: 
female Red-winged Blackbird
Goldfinches, about 3 of them I think
I only saw one Mourning Dove
Song Sparrow, I hadn't seen it for a few days and thought it had left
Male Downy Woodpecker
Red-breasted Nuthatch!!!! Yea! 

I wonder what Monday will bring??/ Warmer temperatures are forecast!


eileeninmd said...

The Cardinals are one of my first and last visitors of the day. They are beautiful! I like you new sign! Have a happy day!

Me Ann My Camera said...

My Cardinals stay pretty well hidden most of the time and I have been delighted to see them very early in the morning for the past two days. Before 7 a.m. seems to be the timing if I want to see them in Bird alley.Yes, I like my new sign too, it was lacking as I used to have one and three of my feeders are buildings, a blue house, a white house and a church, so its like a little side street in a village. Perhaps I need another building shaped feeder. I love buying bird feeders, but I really have enough for now. thank you for your comment.

Annie said...

What a joyful morning. Love the half tones on your cover picture.

Mary said...

Yes, the Cardinals like the early morning and the late afternoon. I often have them come just before dark. Maybe they feel safer at those hours. Their color makes them so obvious. Love the of my favorites!