Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just an average day in Bird Alley

 I decided yesterday morning to take a picture of every bird species visiting bird alley.  It was slow at first until my husband called me to see all of the Red-winged Blackbirds under a bird feeder..  They were quite skittish and moved often as soon as I approached the window, However, they soon settled in and started perching in the trees in Bird Alley.  There didn't seem to be any females among them. Later in the afternoon I put bird food on an old patio table and the blackbirds collected there, as many as seven at one time  Of course the regular daily bird species such as Blue Jays, Mourning Doves and Black capped Chickadees didn't disappoint
And much to my delight I spied a American Robin on a tree branch.  I got my stocking feet all wet when going out on an upstairs deck to get a closer picture but the beauty of its red breast was worth it I think.
Yesterday was the second day in the past couple of weeks that an American Goldfinch stopped by.  It has such a sweet looking appearance.  I put out some Nyger seed after its first visit but it hasn't found it yet.  I think I will buy a Nyger seed sack feeder for it and hope that its visits become a daily occurrence.
And last, but certainly not least is this White-breasted Nuthatch.  It has been a faithful visitor
for the last few days and I am starting to count on it to show up daily.  Some days there are two of them.

And now, the morning light is now becoming quite strong so it is time to move to my windows overlooking Bird Alley to see who or what the day brings.  Having such a feature as Bird Alley certainly adds appreciation and anticipation to my day.  Lets see what species are visiting today.  Maybe there will be a surprise visitor.  


Kingsdowner said...

Lovely collection of photos of your avian companions - so much brighter than ours, I'm envious!
I hope you've got plenty of seed in for thge winter.

Pamela Gordon said...

I'm surprised you have red winged black birds around still although we have robins around here too. They should all be going south shouldn't they??

Me Ann My Camera said...

Yes, Pamela it is laTE for Blackbirds and it appears this morning that they may have left as we haven\t seen any yet today and it was usually very early in the mornings when they were prevalent her. I have looked through my lits of yard birds for this time last year and I find no mention of Blsckbirds. Each the year my bird lists vary in species. While looking over my 2012 yard birds list I see frequent mention of Evening Grosbeaks and one year ago today we had 4 Pine Grosbeaks visiting. I have been watching for Pine Gerosbeaks daily. I love that species. I hope they don't dissapopint me this year. bird Alley is very slow today. so far onlt Mourning Doves, Blue Jays and several Chickadees,
We sahl be going to Oromocto today. There are lots of red berries near the mall over there. I shall be watching for Grosbeaks and maybe there will be some Waxwings around at well.
Thank you for your comment.

Me Ann My Camera said...

How nice to see your comment. Lots od seed for winter?, Yes I have, but luckily so far we only have the cold temperatures as of yet and no snow. Brrrr! I dislike snow!!!!!!! I looked on your blog and you have beautiful butterflies. Oh, for butterfly weather again. It will be several months before I experience the pleasure of butterflies again.