Monday, October 09, 2006


"Its nice to see the Robins back!" No, that's not a quote from sometime in the spring, but something I had said just the other day when I returned home and announced that the Robins were now back again. I'm not sure just when it is that they seem to disappear or where they go; but I do know they are still around near the end of June for the above picture of a young Robin was taken this year on June 20th. It is sometimes after that that I notice that I haven't seen a Robin for a long time. However I have started seeing them again just a day or so ago. The pictures to the above right and left were taken this morning while I was out walking. There was a fair sized flock of them and they were very active flying to and fro among the tree tops as I looked across at them from the embankment where I was standing.

This Robin above, standing on a railroad track, was seen in late June '06.

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