Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Warbler and a Covered Bridge

I decided to go back to the area where I had seen the bear earlier this week on the chance that I might see it again. I had no luck there but driving further on saw movements of a bird flitting back and forth between a nearyby tree and the very sunny side of a covered bridge. I assumed that maybe it was a flycatcher and parked my car near the bridge and walked closer to get a better view. There were tufts of vegetation growth on the roof of the bridge and the bird would fly up there; most likely looking for insects. Then it would land on the vertical edge of the front of the bridge. It would sometimes fly across the road and perch on trees there and then check out the other side of the bridge. I got a hint of the identity of it when it landed in the full sun and showed me its yellow rump. Another 1st winter Yellow-rumped Warbler sighting! I have seen many this fall.
My best photo opportunity came when it landed on the front face of the bridge close by to where I was standing.
pictures© me and my camera

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