Sunday, October 01, 2006

Young Thrush

I was walking downhill on a walking trail in the middle of a wooded section last week when I saw this young Thrush sitting on a log. I immediately stopped in my tracks when I saw it and the bird stayed exactly where it was too; as if frozen. It had the manner of an immature bird and did not seem to know how to react to my sudden appearance. I took several pictures of it but as can be seen from the photos the results were not too distinct. I did some photo editing so that it could be seen a bit clearer but it is still not that adequate to make an accurate id. I do not know for sure what the species is but I might make a guess that it is possibly a young Hermit Thrush. This bird has a reddish tail, which is one of their characteristics, and I have seen Hermit Thrush in this area before.

As I moved, attempting to get a better view, the Thrush hopped off the log and disappeared into the underbrush.

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