Monday, April 23, 2007

American Kestrel

We had spotted two American Kestrels on power lines adjacent to a meadow this morning while driving to a nearby community. The light was just right but, as has often been my experience when trying to capture a photo of a Kestrel, they hastily flew away with the slowing down of our car. Deciding that they could probably be found again near the same location upon our return trip home; we continued on. And as we had hoped, on our way home, there they were; the two American Kestrels at the same location on the power lines as before. The picture I took of this adult male Kestrel is not sharp with crisp details but its markings are clear enough to recognize the spotted flanks and blue-grey wings of the male; also the two vertical black stripes on its cheeks are easily seen. The Kestrel is the smallest falcon found in our region and is often found perched on power lines near open fields and meadows. This was our first of the season sighting of an American Kestrel.

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