Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Osprey Are Back

Having heard of a sighting of Osprey in Jemseg a couple of days ago I decided to see if I could also find my own 'first of the season sighting' of one. I looked at a couple of nest sites locally and did not see any signs of their presence and so decided to drive down along highway #105, in the Maugerville/Sheffield area. I recalled a nesting site somewhere between McGowan's Corner and the Gagetown bridge and so determined that to be my destination. Ospreys are magificent birds and I was rewarded in my quest when I saw one perched beside the nesting box in the field adjacent to the highway! After having taken a few pictures I drove on down the highway. Upon my return I slowed when approach -ing the Osprey I had seen earlier, which was still perched on the nesting box location, and once again my search was rewarded; this time with an unexpected sighting of another Osprey! The second Osprey was perched in a nearby tree and I was able to get both birds in the same picture. Note the second Osprey in the lower left hand corner of this second picture. Later in the day I saw a third Osprey of the day, flying high over the North Ormocto River. Three Osprey sightings for my first of the season sighting; a great day.

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mon@rch said...

How awesome they made it back! They are such wonderful birds and glad you captured this shot! Bravo!