Monday, April 02, 2007

The Eagle Has Returned

This is an exciting time of year; of change and new arrivals. And no matter, how many times I have seen a species it is always a welcome surprise for me to find it again, back in its old familiar haunts. I had been surveying the river from an observation post built high above its banks, but finding nothing of specific interest, I had returned to my car. Just before driving off I saw a speck of white, high in an old, tall tree a distance away, further along the river bank. I thought it might be worthwhile to check it out and I was glad that I did. It was a Bald Eagle! Perched in the same place where I would often view it last year. It had returned once more to the river. The picture below shows the distance between me and the Eagle and I have enlarged the Eagle within a circle for easier viewing. The white arrow shows where the Eagle actually was; just a very, tiny, small speck of white.

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