Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hungry Northern Cardinal

Yesterday's snowfall, of about 25 cm, was our third snowstorm of the week and it is getting more difficult with each snowfall for the birds to find food. More snow is expected this evening. While watching our feeders yesterday I noticed that a male Northern Cardinal stayed around for most of the day. Its brilliant red colour was very conspicuous in the snow. About the only birds that continued to feed successfully were Common Redpolls which covered the nyger seed feed sack with their bodies when they would converge upon our feeders in large numbers. Our platform style feeders, where I put Blackoil sunflowers seeds, were rapidly covered up with the falling snow and the Cardinal was unable to find much there to eat. I then remembered that I had a couple of old wooden apple boxes in our garden shed and placed them on a platform feeder and scattered sunflower seeds within. The Cardinal soon found this sheltered food supply, and although wary to enter far into this shelter; fed successfully.

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