Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birdcam Blue Jays in flight

The product name of my birdcam is Wingscape and considering these two action photos of Blue Jays in flight; the name wingscape seems totally appropriate. I was delighted to see the flight action captured in both of these photos. The fun thing about the birdcam is the surprise you encounter sometimes when you download the photos. Directly above the Blue Jay at the top of the photo appears to be in total flight as it flys away. And the photo below was captured this morning. I applied a photoshop filter to this photo. The filter I used was in the strokes category called 'zigzag' and I liked the wavy motion this filter gave to the edges of the Blue Jays wings. Just click on the photo to enlarge it and you can see what I mean.


Kim, USA said...

I have not seen blue jays on my bird feeder. Great shots you have here thanks for sharing.

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Cheryl Ann said...

Oh, I LOVE IT!!! We have a scrub jay who visits our yard. The minute I drive up into our driveway in the afternoon, he lands on our fence and looks at me with a tilted head! He has managed, however, to scare off all the mockingbirds from our neighborhood.