Monday, March 12, 2012

Birdcam Fun!

A birdseed feast and many little finches accepted the invitation to the birdcam party!

above: Blue Jay posing for the Birdcam A handsome male Purple Finch dropped by, A welcome visitor!

above: a female Purple Finch caught on my Birdcam this morning.
I had been making a few mistakes with my Wingscape bird cam; such as : forgetting to turn it on, not securing the memory card in tightly, getting too advanced in my programming Its really so easy, you just turn it on and set it outdoors. I was making things too complicated So I checked for my results quite early this morning. And how pleased! and surprised! I was! to see a Pine Siskin visitor. Its been a long time Pine Siskin! Where have you been?And also a colourful male Purple Finch stopped by. Welcome handsome fella! and also lots of Goldfinch this morning. about 12 in one picture!this bird cam is going to be fun, I am already quite pleased with the results I am getting, .I like the way these three little birds shown above lined up for my camera.

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Carol Steel 5050 said...

A bird cam seems like such a great thing to have. Taking photos without disturbing the birds would be wonderful. Lovely photos, as usual.