Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mallard 'green' for Thursday Challenge

Distinctly green is the head of a male Mallard Duck. If you click on the photo below to enlarge it you will see three green heads of male Mallards seen on this clump or mound of earth seen yesterday at Ritchie Lake in Quispamsis. I wonder if there is a crayon colour called Mallard Green?
Green is this week's photographic theme for Thursday's Challenge. To view more photos posted on this theme, or to join in on the fun yourself, just 'click' on the highlighted name.


Luna Miranda said...

we only have white ducks here. mallards are attractive.

Mary said...

I think the idea of a crayon Mallard Green is a good one :-) They are such a beautiful color. Some times I see ones that look blue. I never can tell if it is just a trick of the light or what.