Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food for Thursday's Challenge

I am putting an avian curve on the topic of the Thursday's Challenge for today of food. while sitting watching my bird feeders on this snowy day I became aware how important bird food was to the little and big birds during a day of hostile weather. A bird feeder presented bird seed readily available and there were plenty of birds taking advantage of the offered feast as you can see below.Above, this male Purple Finch is turning over a striped sunflower seed in its strong beak which was designed for crushing. Look carefully and you will see a tiny seed on top opf the sunflower seed!, yum , yum!
Blue Jays loves peanuts! Oh yes, they do!, no matter what kind of weather day it is!

This little Tree Sparrow has selected the tiniest seed offered.
Another little bird who prefers tiny seeds is this Pine Siskin shown above. got Bird food?, Watch to watch some delightful viewing? Buy a bird feeder and fill it with birdfood and hang it outside your window. enjoy and grab your camera during your viewing session. Both you and the birds will have an enjoyable time. Feed the Birds!

Food is this week's photographic theme for Thursday's Challenge. To view more photos posted on this theme, or to join in on the fun yourself, just 'click' on the highlighted name.


Leora said...

Gorgeous shots of the birds eating! The purple finch has quite a grasp on the sunflower seed. Love looking at the shades of blue on the blue jay.

vuuduu said...

Ah, birds food!
Here in my hometown I haven't seen such kind of colourful birds.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I was at 'Plow and Hearth' yesterday and saw the Bird cam and thought of you--You're off to a great start on your pictures, but all of your pictures are always terrific and show the beauty of each bird!

Becky said...

How cool to post birds eating. I never thought of this. My goodness you have alot of snow! We've had enough rain and warm temps, that our snow has all disappeared. I'm loving it.