Friday, April 13, 2012

Black Ducks for Weekend Reflections.

The reflection in this photo holds a hint of fall with the colour reflected on the water from the pond side vegetation, but no it is still just early spring. This photo was taken just last week. I have not always been as appreciative of Black Ducks as one could be. when seeing a black duck my comments are often a disappointed, "Oh, Its only a Black Duck, as in "Oh its only a crow". My comments related to some birds often underate their beauty. But in retrospect I think this Black duck photo above is rather beautiful with its watery reflection and the shore-side vegetation providing an ample colourful background.Weekend Reflections: a meme where you can view beautiful reflections captured by others. Just click on the logo on the right to see what others have captured with their cameras

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DeVona said...

You are right- the black duck photo is lovely! Love the bucket hat and the signage! ( trying to figure out what your husband was doing-grilling)?