Friday, April 20, 2012

Recent Bird Arrivals in Bird Alley

  Our first returning bird to Bird Alley this week was a much welcomed and awaited Tree Swallow. Tree Swallows nest in our Tree Swallow house every year  and we enjoy hosting this species in Bird Alley.
 Our second very welcome returning species was a White-throated Sparrow!  I had been waiting and watching for one of these sparrows every day! Oh Happy Day!, They have arrived!
  the second little  welcome sparrow surprise was this Chipping Sparrow as shown above!  It was a great birding week!
 Early yesterday evening we discovered a pair of Cowbirds feeding in Bird Alley.  This is not a favoured species of ours but their presence does add variety to Bird Alley.  Shown above is the brown-headed male and shown below is the demure looking grey female.

  Red-winged Blackbirds have been present in Bird Alley already this spring, but yesterday they made themselves more know by feeding on the ground with the other birds . These blackbirds seem to hang out with the Grackles that come to Bird Alley daily and their numbers seem to be increasing each day.
Shown above is the female red-wing and shown below  
is the male red-wing with just a slight portion of the red on his wing showing.  I find these blackbirds very skittish birds and it is difficult to get a good photo of them when they are around. as you might perceive it has been a wonderful, exciting birding week in Bird Alley.  Hopefully next week will see many more new  returning feathered arrivals as well.

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