Thursday, April 05, 2012

Canada Geese here, there and everywhere

Each year at about this time we travel to the little community of Keswick Valley to take our income tax data to our accountant who has her office there.We always anticipate and look forward to this small adventure for nearyby are the Keswick flats. The Keswick Flats are often attractive to ducks and geese and we always hope to see some sort of bird life there.
Today we were not disapointed as we found about 500 Canada Geese feeding there!
It was difficult getting a picture which would include all of the geese but these two photos posted above convey a bit of the scope of what we had seen.

Then my husband , David said, " Look for a white one". I hadn't thought to look to see if a Snow Goose might have been among them! And there was one! The white goose we saw, easily stood out! You can find it in the photo below
I would have not seen it if not for David's suggestion! "Thank You, David" This was a great sighting today! Snow Geese are not a common sighting in New Brunswick One lone Snow Goose is seen in the photo above!

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Pearl Maple said...

wow, it is worth the trip just for all the wildlife sightings, thanks for sharing