Friday, April 13, 2012

Watching and waiting for Tree Swallows

This is my view of our Tree Swallow house as I sit at my laptop at my diningroom table.
I have read a couple of reports of Swallows having been sighted in the province already. We are ready and waiting for them. Below this invitational signage below was created by my daughter , Riel, several years ago and is still in place posted under the bird house. The sign works! for ever since we put the swallow house and sign up several years ago we have always had a swallow pair nesting in it.Actually some of the resident swallows have become quite possessive of their ( our) backyard territory and during recent summers, the past two or three, my husband has resorted to adapting a new gardening head gear when the tree swallows are nesting as they will swoop and dive at him. There has been no collisions to date but the anticipation of contact does make one a bit anxious when out in our yard.

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