Wednesday, April 03, 2013

It must be spring: a Chipmunk!

 I was pleased to see another sign of spring earlier this week:  a Chipmunk in Bird Alley. Also on the same day , a small group of Grackles, although the Grackles are very flighty and I have not gotten any photos of them yet.
 I have also been finding Canada Geese recently, and that is a sure sign of spring for me.

The tomato plants that I have started inside are stretching their flimsy stems towards the sun in my windows and they are gaining height each day.  I have yet to find a Coltsfoot which is most often my first wildflower sighting.  My daughter had one in bloom in her yard as of last week, but then her area often boasts the first Coltsfoot sightings.  I have some that do grow in our yard, but that will be later.  It is too early for mine to be in bloom yet, but I continue to check for it daily.


Mary said...

How very cute! I really wish that I had chipmunks here. Never understand why we don't.

Squirrel said...

Awwww that chipmunk is adorable!