Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Spring Confirmed by Yesterday's Sightings!

Yes, it is spring despite the cold temperatures we have been experiencing and the snow covered ground seen on some recent mornings past.
Yesterday, in my own garden, I found my first wildflower bloom!  Wow!  I loved it!

 A Coltsfoot, shown above, and another soon to blossom as can be seen by the hint of yellow at the center core by the second growth to the right of the one in bloom!
And then, in the afternoon we saw our first Wood Duck pair of this spring season. 
  Wood ducks  are one of the most beautiful of duck species that I have seen.
                                                   The handsome male Wood Duck above.
                                                  The beautiful female wood Duck above.
 I was taking the photos from our truck and as soon as the ducks became aware of our presence they flew up and I managed to get this photo of the male taking flight.
Today I shall return to the pond and take my larger zoom lens , hoping that these ducks will be there again.

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