Monday, April 29, 2013

Red Adder's Tongues Stamens for Ruby Tuesday 2

I am posting early today for tomorrows meme featuring red on Ruby Tuesday 2, which can be found at:
  you can find the red theme in the weekly Tuesday meme of Ruby Tuesday 2 found at :
Part of the reason for my earliness is that just this afternoon we ( My husband I have )just found a few blossoms of Adder's Tongue a.k.a. Dog-toothed Violets in bloom.
I understand the naming of Adder's Tongue when looking at the red stamens in the center of the blossom; but how many of you are familiar with the dog-toothed naming connection? I did some research on the source of that naming a few years ago and found that it was derived from the white canine shaped root of this early wildflower.  And did I check it out?  Yes I did and found the white canine ( tooth-shaped root in the soil beneath the plant!  And by looking at the design on the leaves , shown above you can easily understand the source of a few of this wildflower's other names: such as Trout Lily and/ or Fawn Lily.  this Dog-toothed Lily is one of my favorite childhood wildflowers.  I wait to find its blossoms each spring
" Oh Happy Day!!!!!!



Pamela Gordon said...

I've been watching for them on my walks but haven't seen them yet. They grow in 2 spots near me. I should try to get a close up shot of them but they are across the wet ditch usually.

Annie said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. What a gorgeous flower.

Jama said...

So beautiful.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful flower, the color is bright and cheery. Have a happy day!

Debra Mauldin said...

Beautiful pictures! I loved your descriptions of the Adder's Tongue! :)

Anonymous said...

I've not seen these before. Lovely capture.
Visiting from Ruby Tuesday!!

Liz said...

Beautiful and unique. Never seen it before.

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Jackie/Jake said...

I've never seen these before either!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Extraordinary pattern on the leaves of this beautiful flower!