Friday, April 12, 2013

The Osprey are back!

   I found this pair of |Osprey yesterday afternoon on top of this nest at the corner of the Post Road and the Mast Road at Three Tree Creek. We have been watching this nest for several years now and its always exciting each spring to see these magnificent birds take up their  residence  there again. This afternoon I shall check the Osprey nest at Hazen Patrk in Oromocto to see if it is occupied again?


Pamela Gordon said...

That is exciting to see! We were for a drive in Carleton County last Saturday and saw a nest on a man made nesting pole almost next to the road. I didn't see any thing around it though. I was surprised to see it where it was!

Mary said...

Hello Ann - visiting from Pamela's always fabulous blog! I'm a bird lover too. My garden birds are plentiful living here in the southeast US where we are already surrounded by the glories of Spring (and tons of pollen!) . I recently posted on the Carolina chickadees nest building on the front porch - love those tiny birds.

This osprey nest is fascinating. Are there two nests or just one with two rooms? I know they return year after year adding more twigs I believe.

Hope Spring comes to your neck of the woods very soon - know from Pamela that it's still chilly your way!

Happy weekend - Mary (A Breath of Fresh Air)