Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A catchup posting day

Sometimes I find that if I do not post almost immediately after downloading recent pictures then my photo files get backed up and often many do not get posted.
For example the deer photos in this White-tailed Deer Collage are from four different  downloads, Some one had seen and posted a picture of an almost all white deer in our area and I have been hoping that I might find it and get its photo, No such luck on my part however I do seem to encounter deer every time I go out looking for it.

.  Thus my recent results are in the collage posted below.

Many of my nature finds have been when I have been looking for something else.  When you know when something usually happens then a search is often initiated at that time.  As well as looking for white deer I have been looking for Snapping Turtles laying eggs recently for it is almost the time for their seasonal egg laying.

.  Earlier this week I was scanning a pond for these huge amphibians ( I have seen them in this pond other years,) I didn't see any turtles there but I did see  and hear quite a few noisy frogs.  The presence of so many frogs in the pond suggested to us that there were probably no snapping turtles in there.The
frog shown above was a handsome specimen of a frog which we had found in the pond:
I love to find American Bitterns as they are such a large bird.  Last week I found one along the shoreline of a small pond.  The Bittern didn't seem at all threatened by my presence but it did maintain its usual 'cautionary stance', that of pointing its long beak skyward.  I have heard that Bitterns take this positioning,  assuming that their long beak and striped body will help them take on a camouflage

appearance of a shoreline weed and thus blend into their surroundings.  Nope, it didn't work this time buddy!  I saw you! and so did my camera.
And lastly , but definitely not least as we haven't seen any hares a.k.a: rabbits recently, until yesterday that is.  This little one was standing on the roadside shoulder and it stayed there not moving as my husband brought our truck to a stop beside it. Unfortunately I could see that it was infested with a few ticks on its ears, face and back of its neck.  What a pretty little woodland creature this hare was. I do hope I see more of them in the coming  summer days ahead.

 And another beauty I want to share!  The wild Lupines are in bloom everywhere , along the roadsides, in empty fields, their colourful beauty is seen everywhere!  Another blue wildflower being seen is Blueflag, which is definitely a cousin of the Iris family. I must take a few pictures of blueflag in the coming days.  We now have an Iris in bloom in our garden.
                         Lupines growing along the railroad tracks.


Pamela Gordon said...

These are great photos! I'm surprised the rabbit stayed still so long. The bird sure blends in well even though you saw it.

eileeninmd said...

What a lovely post! I love all the wildlife, frogs and the Bittern are both my favorites!

Crafty Gardener said...

Beautiful lupins. Loved seeing all the critter photos.