Friday, June 07, 2013

A personal photochallenge : Looking at a waterfall with a seasonal perspective

Fot this challenge of perspective and composition I have chosen a favourite location and topic.  It is of or at a small waterfall which we had found during the late spring or early summer of 2012.
This waterfall is only a few kilometers from our home. I go to see it and photograph it as often as I can.  My most recent photo of it was taken on Sunday of this past weekend.

  I have also been experimenting with a slow shutter of 1/4 sec. and I love the result of slowing down the action or movement of the water so that it appears white as is shown in the photo below.  Also the spread of the water at the base of the falls is white and frothy.

At the same occassion I took a picture of the falls without a slow shutter so you can see how the falls appeared naturally with no shutter adjustment as is shown above: notice the difference in the appearance of the fall of the water. The last photo above shows a choppy appearing flow. The change in shutter speed has made quite a difference.
I have tried to photograph these falls in different seasons. The next photos show snow on the ground although the falls were flowing freely.. The water movement over the falls seem more controlled in these photos. I don't know if the frigid temperature was an influence or not on the water movement.

Attempting to photograph these falls in all seasons the next two photos were taken in the
fall.  The first photo shown  below is a favourite of mine.  And although it was taken with a point and shoot camera it seems that the shutter might have been somewhat slower than usual as white waves or caps can be seen in the river above the falls

This photo below was taken on a beautiful sunny day in October.

And I was intententionaly leaving my summer photo until last.  Our summer of 2012 was very warm and so when my son and his family of three children arrived to visit I thought it would be a treat for them to visit my special waterfall.  It turned out to be rather a joke on me.  For due to the summer heat the waterfall was only a trickle!  What a surprise it was to see it in this condition!  I do hope that when they visit again this August they will be able to really see my waterfall!
So there you have it : A waterfall from the perspective of all seasons.

The waterfall is the Scribner Brook Falls along highway# 785.  You can find this highway from the Duplesia Road at Central Blissville, NB.  I hope you have enjoyed the waterfall visit.  May it  evercontinue to flow!

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Pamela Gordon said...

I'm glad you joined the photo challenge. Your photos are really great and it's nice to see the differences the shutter speed makes and also to see this falls in all 4 seasons. If we keep on getting so much rain this summer your son won't be disappointed in the falls! But, maybe July will be drier. I kind of hope it is.

Donna said...

The four! Love the idea and hopefully your waterfall will be roaring again very soon!

Donna said...

Thank you so much for fixing the linkup problem! I deleted the misdirected one for you.

I am so glad that you presented these because time is another critical factor that one can use to vary the compositions! You changed up the speed of the shutter, so the movement of the water takes on completely different looks. And you presented photos taken at different times of the year too! You get extra points that that demonstrating that concept! The summer trickle contrasts sharply with the rapid flowers during other times of the year. I really like that milky creaminess of the first photo especially. Bravo on sharing these important concepts with the others!

Sally said...

These are really, really nice. I'm not a photographer like most of the other participants which allows me to learn a little from the rest of you. :)

Lavender Cottage said...

The seasonal contrasts were a good idea, as well as playing with the settings.

Lorrie said...

The time of year certainly makes a difference in that waterfall. Beautiful shots, all of them. Love the creamy white water in the slow shutter speed photo.

ClickNCamera said...

These are great shots! Love the season changes and views...enjoy your day!