Friday, June 28, 2013

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

June is a month full of celebrations for my husband and I.  Father's Day, Our wedding anniversary and we both celebrate birthdays in June.  My daughter and grandchildren know how much we enjoy feeding the birds and how annoying it can be to us when Squirrels come along and empty the feeders and eat all the bird food.
They thoughtfully and wisely chose a gift that would be useful and much appreciated by us.  They chose to give us a squirrel proof bird feeder!  But their anxious concern was, Will it really work so the squirrels cannot get into the bird  food?

What a wonderful gift this is.
In the first picture you can see a Gray Squirrel on the roof of the bird feeder.
The second picture  above shows the squirrel looking in checking to see if there is food in the feeder and yes, there is, It will  be able see lots of sunflower seeds inside! At the bottom of the bird feeder you can see an opening; that is where the birds feed from. Also notice there are two red bars at the bottom of the feeder. If any weight is put on the bottom bars then the feeder will close as the opening will be covered by a red covering.  Watch what happened next!!!!!
 The squirrel has its paw on the bottom bar and that caused the cover to come down over the opening and has closed the feeder!
 The covering stays in place as long as the squirrel's paw rests on the bottom bar! 

No matter how it squirms around  or what position it takes, as long as its paw is holding the bar down it cannot reach the food!!!
The Squirrel finally gives up and jumps down from the bird feeder!
As the squirrel removes its paw the feeder opening is uncovered  again, and the bird feeder is available for the birds to feed there again. What a great gift family!!!  It works! We love it, but I don't think the squirrel does!


Riel Nason said...

Glad it works, but I almost feel bad for the squirrel. How frustrating it must be. I bet he is thinking up a new plan to get in now.

eileeninmd said...

Glad to hear that there is a squirrel proof feeder! And it works. Great shots! Have a happy weekend!

Pamela Gordon said...

Happy celebrating in June to you! Cute bird feeder. It works the same as mine but beware the raccoon. They will get into it and even knock it down. I haven't tried mine on a hook yet and the squirrels can manage to get at it where it is as they have the tower braces to rest on. I see yours is close to the ground too. I'll be curious if the raccoons find it. Have a great holiday weekend!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a perfect gift! I've wondered how well they work, and it's good to see that they do--It's going on my list now! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!!

Annie said...

Outstanding. It was final DONE. A squirrel proof feeder. After years of fun watching YouTube videos of squirrels triumphing over feeders, this was a hoot to see.

Mary said...

Great photos....but I don't believe in squirrel proof feeders. I'm betting he figures a way to get the seeds eventually. Even if he just knocks it down or shakes the seeds out. Squirrels are awfully smart!

Mary said...
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Bonegirl said...

I recently bought this feeder and within a week the squirrels figured out how to hang from the side and not touch the bar. So they have been eating away at the seeds. While there, the birds can't eat. Also attracted large blackbirds and they aren't heavy enough to shut the entrance. Another disappointing bird feeder.

Anonymous said...

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