Sunday, May 01, 2016

First Great Blue Heron Sighting

Welcome to the first day of May!  Isn't it wonderful!  I am beginning to see some of our old favourites that have returned!.  Saturday I caught a glimpse of a Great Blue Heron.  What magnificent birds they are!  The one I saw was in the midst of a tangle of bushes and twigs but nevertheless I was able to find it in the middle of the picture  below.

Can you see it in the middle.  Maybe the next picture will help.  I applied a bit of funky focus to help in seeing it!
 Yes, there it is.  Now lets have a better look at it.
Ta Da!
It is going to be a beautiful first day of May with warm temperatures forecast.  Have a wonderful day everyone.  We are planning on going to a favourite annual yard sale today.  I will probably buy lots of books and I am always hoping to find some fabric,  Then later in the day our son will be coming out for dinner.. Oh Happy day in May!!

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eileeninmd said...

Hello, Happy May to you! I love the Great Blue Herons. They are great to watch fishing for their food. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week!