Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Brown Coloured Pigeon

Want to stand out in a crowd? Well, it was pretty easy for this brown coloured Pigeon to do so. I was immed -iately fascinated when I saw it at Lily Lake in Saint John last week, and I knew I just had to take its picture. I don't often take pictures of pigeons but this one was especially attractive.

Pigeons, more formally called, Rock Doves, are usually seen in varying shades of gray, as is the case of the other pigeons in the group photo above. I found this brown one to be very outstanding and handsome in its appearance.


Mary said...

Goodness! The color is certainly startling and different....but pretty! I love the "strutting" picture second from the looks like a soldier on parade :-)

Sandpiper said...

Oh, I've never seen a brown pigeon! He's pretty! Really great pictures!

me and my camera said...

mary and sandpiper:
I think you both can understand why I posted it - its colour is so lovely! And it does have great posture too :-) Glad you all enjoyed.

Stacey Huston said...

Great post, poor pigeons where saying, Hay stop taking pics and give us some bread!lol beautiful bird..

me and my camera said...

I love shades of brown and on this bird I thought they were especially appealing. Glad you enjoyed too. Thanks for your comment.

Texas Travelers said...

I somehow missed this earlier.
Great find and photos.