Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Northern Shoveler

An outstanding feature of this dabbling duck, that is so readily observable, is its long spatulate bill. The Northern Shoveler skims the water for food and comb like projections along the side of its bill allows the food to remain while the water sieves out. The female Shoveler is very similar in appearance to the female Mallard Duck but as with the male, the long bill sets it apart and gives it its own distinctive identifying feature.


Sandpiper said...

Ohhhhhhh, I'm green with envy! You have SHOVELERS!! i've only seen them a couple of times in my life. Wonderful shots!

Mary said...

I like that long bill! I need to start counting all the ducks you see :-)

me and my camera said...

I was lucky enough to get some pictures as they stopped over when they were passing through following their migration route but they don't nest around here. Its always a great spring day when I sight these ducks!

I often think to myself now, whenever I do a duck posting, "I wonder if Mary will like this one?" :-) There are a few more duck postings to come - so don't pick a favourite yet!

Thank you both; glad that you enjoyed.

kaywag said...

Love your ducks.