Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Osprey Nest: Will They Rebuild?

I'm glad that I had saved a picture of this beautiful old Osprey nest. The nest had stood for many, many years on top of this old dead tree but the ravages of this winter's fierce winds, and rains and storms had destroyed it. You can see from the positioning of the branches that it is the same tree but when the Osprey returned this year they found only a few fragments left of what once had been a grand structure.
Each year I have watched this location for their return and have taken many photos of these magnificent birds. One of my favourites is of one Osprey pushing a somewhat hesitant Osprey off the nest in August, 2006. I wondered at the time if this was an example of offspring that just wouldn't leave home?

In some locations platforms have been built for Osprey such as this one seen above. On this past weekend I saw many nests occupied in Jemseg. Such locations make it much easier for nesting than the one on top of the old dead tree that had been destroyed over the winter.


Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful group of images. I hope they rebuild also.. and yes the "pushing" out of the nest is a great shot.. thanks for sharing

Sandpiper said...

Oh, I hope they rebuild. This looks like a fantastic vantage point for taking pictures. All good pictures here, and I like the shot of the one with the moon, too.

ECarr said...

I have been checking the same site I think.

me and my camera said...

I saw signs of rebuilding today.I had began to think that they might not rebuild it but I saw a big difference when I drove by it this afternoon.

stacey and sandpiper:
Yes, they are rebuilding. I saw the first really noticable difference with the rebuilding today.

Mary said...

How neat to get to see them build the nest and raise their young. The one does seem a tad reluctant to leave the nest :-) They feathers are really pretty.

me and my camera said...

They nest in the same location each year and they can be seen as you drive by on the highway. Their feathers are very beautiful in their black and white colouring.