Monday, April 14, 2008

Long-tailed Ducks

Finding this pair of Long-tailed Ducks yesterday was a big surprise! First, because I had never
seen this species before, and second because they are seaducks and I found them about 45 miles inland. The male looked quite different from other ducks I am used to seeing for its long tail, seen in the profile view below, made me think of a little dog in the water. See what I mean? These two adult, Long-tailed Ducks are now in their spring plumage. The male is to the left and the female to the right. These ducks winter in the ocean and in the spring migrate to northern
tundra areas to nest.


Anonymous said...

Cool ducks. But here's the question, did you see him wag it?

Mary said...

How exciting for you to see a new duck! I'm sure that really made your day for you. The long tail is very interesting and so is the beak. I do see the "dog" look you mention. That last picture with the reddish look to the water and the reflections is very pretty.

Sandpiper said...

I've never seen these birds before. They're really beautiful. I'm so glad you got to see them and that you shared them! Thank you.

Stacey Huston said...

Beautiful and what a treat to see a new species for you. I would have been clicking away alike crazy too, I have never seen these. Are they rare to your area? If so you should report them to Cornell.. thanks for sharing.

me and my camera said...

mary, sandpiper and stacey:
These ducks aren't rare but are more often seen in coastal areas as they are seaducks. At the present time they are migrating north so there is a lot of movement going on. So nice that it was a new duck species for us all to view.

Next time I'll make a video for you.

NW Nature Nut said...

What an interesting species...I haven't ever seen them before. Finally a duck with a name that makes sense! Thanks for sharing your photos.

ECarr said...

Another great find.
It just keeps getting better.
Thank You for sharing.

me and my camera said...

nw nature nut:
The name does makes sense doesn't it; it was surprising to see a duck with a tail like that.

I was very surprised to find these two and glad that I did. Thanks for your comment.

Mo said...

The 1st one is a lovely clear shot.