Monday, April 21, 2008

Common Snipe

hidden in the grass, secretive and solitary
not such a common sighting to me


Sandpiper said...

Wow! What a shot! This is one of the best pictures of a snipe I've ever seen!

Stacey Huston said...

Great photos, these are secretive little birds, and you grebe IS smiling at you.. LOL Thanks for sharing

April said...

They do blend in - such a long bill it has. Beautiful photo!

Mary said...

What a fanciful bird and attractive. The long bill looks useful...for what only he knows:-)

Mo said...

Very well done on getting such a great shot of a snipe. He's a " wee beautie". They're much rarer in Scotland than they used to be - so much land has been drained for farming. I love listening to their drumming display.

me and my camera said...

We had been in an area that floods this time of year and there were many birds. We had stopped to check across the road when I looked on the shoulder beside me at a Robin and then I saw the Snipe feeding there also. It stayed too, even as I took pictures. It was a lucky sighting.

I just knew that grebe had a smile on its face :-)

april and mary:
The bill is so long and you'd wonder if it got in the way. It must be used for probing and finding food in nooks and crannies that otherwise couldn't be reached.

How interesting that they are in Scotland too and its sad when their numbers decline. This is only perhaps my third sighting of Snipe; one of my previous sightings being in the same area. I would love to see or hear their drumming display.

Glad that eveyone enjoyed this sighting.