Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Common Loon

What's black and white,
and polka dotted and striped
with a checkered patterned back

These could very well have been pictures taken in black and white except for the colour seen in the red eye of this adult breeding Common Loon. We had driven down to the shore, looking at the high waters at Oromocto when we saw what at first appeared to be two over sized looking decoys floating in the water there. But then with their slightest of movement we realized we had found two Common Loons.
With each dive the two loons came closer and we were able to enjoy wonderful close up views of these magnificently patterned, fish-eating birds.

A Bit of Trivia:
Many works of art are inspired by nature. In her blog, Faith, Fabric and Photos, Mary often combines her interests of birding, blogging and quilting all together by presenting a wonderful mix of nature, design and humour. When thinking of the colours and patterns of the Common Loons we had seen; I was inspired to get out this blanket that my mother had pieced together many, many years ago. Within it I found the colours, and some patterns of Loons.


Sandpiper said...

What beautiful photos!!! I love that you matched the fabric like Mary does. It's perfect!! Congratulations on your awards. They are well deserved!!!

Mary said...

Oh, yes! I would love to quilt a loon. I have perfect fabrics for it.....dots and stripes and plain black and white! I may have to someday post the fabric choices I would use for various birds. A loon would be lots of fun to do. I love your pictures of it....especially that last wing spread....it's such a beautiful bird. I like your new header, too! You have so many great pics to use! Your mother's blanket is a great match....wish I could see the whole thing!

me and my camera said...

mary and sandpiper:
I am getting more and more interested in making a few quilt blocks for, Mary, your frequent comments on fabrics and designs are influencing me. And Sandpiper, the beautiful colour in your photos each day are so inspiring.
Thank you both for your comments.

Mary said...

Oh, I hope you do! I bet with your eye for color and texture and pattern that you'd be a great quilter! My problem is that I like the design aspects and making the quilt top, but don't care for the actual quilting part :-) I'm about ready to get out my books with quilted birds and give it a try next.

Kathiesbirds said...

You have a very nice blog here. I am going to add you to my blogroll. I love loons and I used to live in Maine where we often saw them. We would also cross the border and visit the longest covered bridge in the world in Woodstock, NB.

me and my camera said...

Small world. I used to live near Woodstock and we would often cross the border at Houlton, Maine. I have added a link to your blog also. Glad to have found yours, I know its a place where I will enjoy visiting.

Mo said...

I love loons. These are lovely close-ups. We call this one a Great Northern Diver! In North East Scotland a loon is a word for a man or bloke. Quines and Loons - quines are young women!

me ANN my camera said...

In Canada a 'loonie' is a coin equivalent to $1.00. When the 'loonie' was first issued there was a picture of a Loon on it.

Mo said...

Lovely name for a coin. And in Scotland a loonie is an idiot!