Monday, May 26, 2008

Image Journal

I had heard this handsome little warbler before I saw him. I say, him, for it is a male Common Yellow -throat. Notice its yellow throat; for that is the source of its name. I was quite sure I would find this species sooner or later for it was in the same location where I find them each year. My patience was rewarded and almost before I could con- gratulate myself on my first warbler sighting of the spring; I saw another. A Chestnut-sided Warbler was flying right at me through the nearby foliage and I clicked on the chance of a successful photo on the wing! I had definitely chanced upon a warbling trio for suddenly I glimpsed a bright spot of yellow amongst the leaves, wearing a black top and sporting a yellow eye ring, and I knew it was a Wilson`s Warbler.
Continuing on with my morning walk I stood on a rocky point overlooking the river and saw three White-tailed Deer crossing to an island there. This is a location in the river where just upstream are rapids and falls and this is a favourite fishing spot for Osprey and Gulls. Glancing upward I was not surprised to see an Osprey circling overhead.
Returning homeward I stopped in a lane to search for more warblers. I saw no warblers but while standing there two beautiful, grey Catbirds flew in and silently perched in a nearby tree. When I had left home I had noticed our pair of resident Tree Swallows were busy collecting materials for their nest building within our swallow bird house that they have claimed. Thinking of these swallows prompted me to glance upward at an old Cliff Swallow nest in the eave of a nearby building and I was happily surprised to see one sitting in the opening of the old mud nest. Wow... what a treasure trove of so many wonderful birds sightings and the day was just starting.


Mary said...

Well....I looked at them some more and can definitely see the yellow throat you mention....must just be a lighting thing that makes them look so brown :-) Sorry about doubting you, since you actually saw the bird!

me ANN my camera said...

Here is the url to some pictures I had posted last June of a male Common Yellowthroat. See its black mask? There is no mistaking this warbler.

The pictures today didn't show the bird fully to its advantage but those are the only poses I could get of it and I like to keep my post pictures current if I can.

If it were only a Wren; for I have never seen one!

Mary said...

You want to see wrens and I want to see warblers! We need to visit each other :-) Thanks for the information. I should have just deleted that first post and you can do so if you wish! I was having trouble comparing it to the one in my bird book, but then the more I looked I could see it better. It isn't that your photos are bad, but that my eyesight is :-)

April said...

Lovely Warbler photos and beautiful landscape scene with the deer - so tranquil looking. The Swallows are a favourite - isn't it amazing what they can do with mud? :)

Stacey Huston said...

wonderful post.. great captures and a beautiful walk.. thanks for taking us along.

Mike - Fenphotography said...

Great post Ann, such variety and all the shots look great.

me ANN my camera said...

The mud nest is fascinating and I have watched them gather mud at the edges of puddles when nest building a previous year. It must be such hard work;its so nice that they can return to one already made this year.

Thanks for your visit and I'm glad I visited your blog for the picture of the two young fox kits you have posted is wonderful.

Glad that you enjoyed, and thanks for your visit. I have been enjoying the Kittiwakes and Gannets and Puffin, etc. on your recent posts. Yours must have been a great outing!

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures again ! What great luck you have to find such cooperative subjects too.
The music is Perfect ! What a nice touch..

me ANN my camera said...

Seeing lots of sightings and hearing lots of bird songs on a favourite morning route is a wonderful way to start the day. Glad you enjyed the music; I have wanted to experiment with the music feature and Neil Young's song seemed to be an appropiate match for the Bluebird posting.

NW Nature Nut said...

You've got some great photos on this post. I also really like the sparrow ID chart you put together. You could market that!

Mo said...

Lovely collection especially the warblers. Your warblers are a lot more colourful than ours which tend to be small olive green/brown birds!