Tuesday, May 06, 2008

the Kingfisher

* And the blue of the kingfisher hangs and poises,
Watching a spot by the edge of the streams ...
-lines taken from Archibald Lampman's, "Freedom"

I've seen a couple of Belted Kingfisher this spring and they appear to be as elusive as ever. The top photo posted here was taken yesterday, but at a great distance. And perhaps the only reason the Kingfisher stopped and stayed a while on top of the old dead tree, and I was able to take its photo, was that I had been there first and so it didn't see any movement from me when it arrived as I sat in my parked vehicle.
There is a Kingfisher burrow nearby, in the side of a mud bank down by the river, and perhaps this year I will be able to get some photos while one perches there, on an old protruding root on the hill side.


John Theberge said...

Great photos of the kingfisher, I see them quite often while I'm kayaking but I haven't gotten any good photos.

Mary said...

Wonderful! What a beautiful bird and such good photos. I didn't know they nested in banks....how interesting. I hope you get to see it a lot more. You have such exciting bird watching days!

Stacey Huston said...

great job capturing these images of these elusive birds.. thanks for sharing

bobbie said...

I love the kingfisher. Could watch them for hours. I didn't know that they nest in bank either.

Sandpiper said...

I had a little time this morning before I have to leave for the day, so I decided to visit a couple of blogs as time would allow. Love the kingfisher in flight! I enjoyed seeing your previous posts, too. We generally call the dogtooth violet trout lilies here. That's interesting about the dogtooth part. I never knew why it was called that. Thanks! See you soon!

NW Nature Nut said...

They sure are elusive! While paddling around in our canoe last summer, we tried on many occasions to get photos of them. Everytime we would get close enough, it would fly down further. So we'd paddle closer, and it would fly away again. So frustrating. They are beautiful creatures!

me and my camera said...

Kayaking must be a wonderful way to encounter nature. Thanks for your comment.

The Kingsfisher's nesting spot is quite close by and I most often pass it every day on my morning walk. Often I hear the Kingfisher's departing call before I see it.

Thanks for your comment. I love the beautiful Western Meadowlark you have as your title photo on your blog.

It does sound a bit unusual I think for a Kingfisher to burrow a nest in the river bank but that is what they do. Glad that you enjoyed.

I have decided to see if I can find the actual 'tooth'. If I can dig one up I will edit my post by adding the photo. Glad you enjoyed the Kingfisher.

nw natuenut:
You're so right: the closer you get, the further they go away. Glad that you enjoyed.