Sunday, May 04, 2008

Early Morning Encounter with Deer

I seldom go out this early in the morning but the light looked so soft and inviting and the quiet of an early Sunday morning drew me out the door at 6:30 a.m. Walking only a short distance away I stopped to look at the river and I was surprised to see such a variety of colours in the landscape there which a harsher light later in the day perhaps would not reveal. Walking on I glanced up and realized I was not alone. The silence of the morning continued as I froze into position as did the two White-tailed Deer in front of me. I totally enjoy moments like this and I knew that if I didn't move they probably wouldn't either. Sensing that a sort of trust had been somewhat established they moved slightly and I then saw one more deer emerge from the hillside there.
Then there were two more.
In all there were five and then turning to look toward a stand of old Pine trees in the other direction I saw three more, making the total count of White-tailed Deer being eight.
Returning home and contemplating my early morning encounters over a cup of tea, I marvelled at the beauty and surprises that nature holds for us every day. Just go out and find it; and if you want to share it with others after you have returned home, take your camera along with you.


Mary said...

What a lovely way to start the day! Wow...8 deer! I'm glad they let you photograph them. You might decide you want to get out at 6:30 all the time with your camera :-)

Stacey Huston said...

So happy for you! Beautiful moment. thanks for sharing it with us..

NW Nature Nut said...

I scanned the photos before reading the text and the colors in the photos really jumped out at me too. You were lucky to venture out at just the right time to see that. Such beautiful creatures. I get in the habit of taking photos of the same things (hummingbirds) over and over and I never get tired of it. I feel the same way about "your" deer. They are always beautiful to see.

DeVona said...

I enjoy visiting your site every day. You help us to see the fantastic natural world ewe live in, and I marvel at the wealth of wildlife you capture on camera. I enjoyed this morning's walk with you and the surprise of sighting 8 deer! We live in an environment somewhat similar to yours in that RR tracks cross our property (Canadian Pacific) and a small band of the Susquehanna River creates one of our boundaries.

Kingsdowner said...

Best time of the day - for peace, birdsong, light and lack of dog-walkers!

Sandpiper said...

Beautiful! Your pictures are wonderful. I love the serenity they convey. There is nothing like an early morning out watching wildlife awaken.

me and my camera said...

nw nature nut:
I know what you mean by often focusing on the same subject for I do that too. I sometimes stand in my window facing our bird feeders and take many pictures of the same species. And of course my blog is filled with deer pictues. Thanks for mention of the colour too, for this is a new camera that I was using; a Rebel XTi, and I was very pleased with the results.

kingsdowner, mary, sandpiper:
You are all right, the best time of the day. I have often thought that I might get up before dawn and drive to my favourite bird watching pond area and just park my car and wait. I shall have to do that soon, for other than pursuing a few early morning sunrises I really haven't.

Both words apply to this time of day: peace and serenity and I am going to add, surprises.

Thanks for your visits and I often check your blog also. I am envious of all your beautiful flowers that you post there.

"Canadian Pacific", such a wonderful, dear old name which provokes many memories, for I grew up in a town where this railroad was a major part of our community.

Donna said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm for nature and God's Creation. There are marvelous moments of wonder for all of us if we take time for them. Life goes by too quickly and is not lived to its fullest if we do not enjoy the mysteries of the natural world. I love it!

Enjoyed your photos also since I love taking nature photos myself.

Blessings to you!

me and my camera said...

I appreciate your comments; and its so true, there are many marvellous moments of nature. And I enjoy sharing them with others through my photos. Happy am I that you enjoyed your visit.

Donna said...

You're a lot further north than we are here in Virginia and obviously close to water with your types of critters. We live in the woods and call our place Bluebird Cove. If you'd like, here's a link to some photos in our "neck of the woods."

New Brunswick is so beautiful. We took a 20th anniversary trip up there and have some memories will still cherish and speak of 11 years later. Have always talked about going back, but haven't done it yet. Neither of us like winter and once spring arrives here, we're in love with our garden and critters again.

Thanks for sharing your life with others. It inspires people to slow down a bit.