Saturday, May 03, 2008

Northern Pintail

Beauty upon the water; as seen in the form of this pair of Northern Pintail Ducks. Enroute to their northern breeding grounds, I sometimes see this long-necked duck species in the spring. The Northern Pintail is a medium sized duck.


Mary said...

Very handsome ducks....I guess he wears "white tie and tails"? I'm sort of surprised that they go even further north than where you are to breed.

Sandpiper said...

They're so pretty. I can't believe the fantastic variety of birds you see!

Mike said...

Came over from Mary's blog. Great Pintails

me and my camera said...

We're not in the north and if the species name has 'northern' attached to it, then it probably doesn't stay around here.

Welcome, Mike.

We have lots of trees and rivers and lakes and ponds around us; and the birds like it too :-)