Monday, May 13, 2013

A Possible Occupant at Swallow Swoop Inn!

How exciting!!! the Tree Swallows are back and I think we might have an occupant moving into our bird house today today.  We have seen the swallows checking it out other days but this one this morning looks more promising.  Please stay dear swallow!!!  Last summer was the first season since having put up the bird house in the early 2000's that we did not have a family of baby swallows fledge from our bird house house in late June or early July..  So we hope the tradition continues this summer and our bird house gets to host a beautiful Tree Swallow family again. Our very creative and talented daughter, Riel Nason named our bird house and painted the sign shown below.  We found the name very appropriate to the bird's swooping flying behaviour.


.I  just love the beautiful blue sky in the background  accented with the green of the emerging Birch leaves behind the bird house.


Mary said...

How exciting! I hope they stay! Would love to have something nesting where I could watch it. I have a few boxes up, but don't have much luck with them. I've got a wren singing in front of one of them....hope it finds a mate that wants to move in.

Pamela Gordon said...

I hope they do stay and you get to see lots of action at the inn. Love the sign!