Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rhodora wildflower

I had learned something new a few  springs ago!  I learned the proper name  ( Rhodora) of these beautiful, rosy, purplish flowers. I remember watching for these flowers every year as a child to come into bloom. My birthday is in June and I always felt that these beautiful flowers made the occasion a bit  more special for me. I had always known them as June flowers.I think that's what everyone around here called them. A couple of years ago I searched for their name, finding nothing named June flowers. So now, its almost June and look what I found this morning, my old misnamed June flowers. What a lovely delight when I came across them! How wonderful to find my old floral seasonal friends again, It is that sort of experience that makes me think of the 'loyalty of nature.. During March, 2010 I had bought a new book titled: Wildflowers of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island by Mary Primrose and Marian Munro, published by:Formac Publishing Company Limited, Halifax. At that time my husband was browsing through the book when he came upon my previously misnamed June Flowers., and thus we discovered.


Rhododendron canadense) It is a wiry shrub found in roadside ditches, swamps and bogs, growing to be about a meter or more high. The* Rhodora plant is closely related to ornamental Azaleas and Rhododendrons.
these rosy purplish blossoms arecalled Rhodora.

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