Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birdwatching at the garden center

This morning, it was another rainy day and we went shopping and browsing around at Sobey's outdoor garden center in Oromocto. We hadn't gone there for birdwatching but that is what we experienced in a way. Two Ruby-throated Humming birds were flying around the inside area which was covered over. Not too dumb those birds, the place was full of beautiful, attractive red blossoms. While chatting to the clerk about the birds, she told me that the hummingbirds weren't the only bird visitors they had had. She told me that a Robin had built a nest and had laid one egg in it. I told her I had my camera with me and that I would love to see the nest?. She took me outside and moved some potted plants on the shelf that were placed there for keeping the nest hidden for the safety of the bird and the nest.The beautiful blue egg looked cold and if you enlarge the pic to see it better you can see some water drops on the egg. Perhaps it was a young inexperienced Robin that had laid it. I wonder if it will be back to sit on the egg? I somehow think, not likely. Perhaps the fact that there is only one egg might be an indication that the bird had changed its mind about nesting at that location. It is wonderful how the staff of the garden center are looking after the nest location and protecting it and the egg. I shall have to return next weekend and ask about its development. Isn't the egg a most beautiful colour?! Always have your camera with you for "you never know, you know!"


Anonymous said...

Yes I think like you, the bird abandonned the egg.

Enjoy your sunny day, hope it is not too warm for you up in Canada

Exit 318

Carolina Mountains said...

Lovely color egg.

Mary said...

I hope the mother robin returns. A beautiful nest and egg.