Friday, May 27, 2011

A nest building squabble at the Tree Swallow house

Yesterday morning I saw what appeared to be nest building activity at a neighbour's Tree Swallow house.It was the sort of day that would encourage that sort of activity. While standing in my our backyard I heard a very loud noisy squabble of bird voices going on in our own bird house. I could see one bird on the outside trying to push something inside the bird house. As usual I had my camera in my hand and so I took pictures trying to detect what was going on. Only with the picture downloads could I get an idea of what must have been happening.From the pictures I could see that the swallow on the outside of the entrance to the bird house had brought a fair sized feather with it and it was trying to shove it inside the bird house. The loud bird voices I heard must have been from the bird inside the house protesting, "No!, No!""I don't want that in here!" I wonder if the female was inside the house directing the nest making activities, and making decisions on which materials were acceptable or what was to be rejected and perhaps it was the male on the outside with his offering of a feather to add to the nest building supplies?The bird on the inside must have won the argument for in these two pictures below you can see the offending feather falling down, drifting away. as the bird carrying it made its way in through the entrance hole in the bird house "And don't try to bring that feather in here again!" And that's my story and the way I saw it!
Might this have been a tale of a rejected suitor?


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Amazing action captures.I think you have the story right on.At least that works for me.

madcobug said...

Sounds as if you got the story right. Great captures of what was going on. Helen

Emma Springfield said...

It is fascinating to watch the world of nature at work. To many people would have dismissed the squabble as noise and moved on. How wonderful that you were able to capture it for us.

Pearl Maple said...

Funny to watch
but got to feel sorry for the little fellow who thought he found something wonderful to bring home

Mary said...

so funny! I always like watching the silly wren stuffing long sticks in my gourd birdhouses. They do try to get such difficult things in at times.