Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Successful relocation of our Tree Swallow House

Yesterday I had posted about the need to relocate our Tree Swallow Bird House as we were having a new roof put on our garage. This morning the roofing job has started and there are three men on top of the roof. Also this morning we have had a couple of Tree Swallows checking out the bird house in its new location attached to our fence. The photo above I had taken this morning while standing in our dining room window so its a good location for watching the activity taking place there. I am pretty happy that the change seens to have been a positive one.

Shown above is the new location of our Tree Swallow house attached to our fence,. We had fenced our yard in last summer to keep those annoying' hosta munching 'deer out of our garden!

This was the old location of the birdhouse attached to the end of our garage. The garage needs a new roof so we decided to move the bird house. The Tree Swallows usually move right in when they return from their winter migration but this year they have been very slow claiming nesting rights. We hope a pair will claim the bird house soon . and move in and start making their nest within.

When we had seen that the first Tree Swallows had returned in late April David immediately cleared out the old nesting materials they had used last year. I hust had to take a picture.Isn't it fascinating to study?! Next year when the nesting material is removed I hope to find many coloured threads among the dried grass and feathers.

I have been doing a lot of sewing this winter ( a total of five quilts in all and I have breen saving the thread that was cut off the ends, edges, etc. I am hoping the Tree Swallows will help themselves to this available material which I have placed in an old suet feeder andI have hung the feeder on a tree branch within sight of the bird house.I will heep you posted as I watch out of my window. Nature is so exciting!


Emma Springfield said...

Hopefully the move will not be traumatic for the birds. I know some like to come back to the same place every year.

me ann my camera said...

Hello again Emma. I have put a link to your nature magazine blog on my blog page. Thank you for your interest.

jessica robert said...

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