Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gaspereau at the falls

Each spring at the location shown above at these falls and rapids on the North Branch of the Oromocto river fish are attempting to return up the river to spawn or lay their eggs; These fish are known as Gaspereau; Thus the naming of these falls; The Gaspereau Falls.
The current is very strong,and forceful! The Gaspereau in their struggle to go upstream; swim, against the current and you can see them struggling in their swim Sometimes the current does not allow them success, In the three photos below you can see the fish as they attempt to go against the current. To better see the fish please click on the pictures to enlarge them. To see more pictures of these gaspereau please click on the link below the pictures to go to a previous post on this topic in May of 2010.

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Emma Springfield said...

Water pictures always bring a sort of primal feeling of peace to me. I am totally amazed at the pictures of the fish in such strong waters.